45 Minute Discovery Consultation

45 min/Starting at $150.00 

The purpose of a discovery consultation is to understand your organizational needs, and to determine what services would be best to suit your needs. We are here to help you understand your options and form an effective plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Training/ Professional Development

Prices based on organizational need

Keys of Hope Consultants, LLC offers a variety of customized training and workshops to meet the specific needs of mental health professionals, faith-based organizations, school staff and administration, human service agencies and non-profit organizations.  Our training and workshops have been created using the latest research and evidenced based practices. Combined with sound clinical knowledge and experiences, our workshops and training are designed to:

  • Improve service quality
  • Build competence and capacity
  • Enhance engagement with clients and other individuals
  • Create a strong and resilient culture
  • Provide practical tools to help those in need of services and support
  • Promote mental wellness and holistic self-care

Keys of Hope Consultants, LLC is able to accommodate specific topic requests based on your agency’s needs.

Consulting Services

Prices based on organizational needs

We make your project goals our own and strive to produce exactly what you have envisioned! Our services are diverse and robust with satisfied clients. Allow us to help make your dream a reality!

This Service Includes:

  1. An organizational mental health readiness assessment
  2. Development and implementation of an organizational plan
  3. Infrastructure and Implementation Support
  4. Leadership Coaching and Training
  5. Strategic Planning and Direction
  6. Retainer Services

Retainer Services

Keys of Hope Consultants, LLC offers a retainer service that is offered to business and organization who need extra support and guidance following one of our services. Our retainer services are the perfect solution for technical support, coaching, or strategies needed to further develop your business or organization.