Sanity in the Sanctuary

Since the beginning of time, the church has served as a place of refuge for the community. Many individuals and families rely on the church not only for spiritual support, but for other issues that impact their daily lives such as housing, financial help and food security. Over the years, many clergy members have expressed an increase of people coming to them with mental health concerns that most often require more help than they are prepared to offer. This interactive workshop is designed to:

  • Equip church leaders and their designated staff and members with basic education about mental health and wellness.
  • Provide education about common mental illnesses.
  • Identify resources within the community and the need for partnerships with mental health agencies.
  • Provide guidance on how to develop a Mental Health Plan of Action for your church.
  • Engage participants in a healthy discussion about common stressors faced by church leaders.

Sanity in the Sanctuary: Leadership Edition supports church leaders with identifying stressors from a leadership capacity and utilizes biblical and practical principles to help nurture and encourage self-care among church leadership.