“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” 

Psalms 147:3

Sanity in the Sanctuary® is the mental health and faith initiative of Keys of Hope Consultants, LLC.  Since the beginning of time, the church has served as a place of refuge for the community. Individuals and families rely on their faith community, not only for spiritual matters but for other issues that impact their daily lives such as food, housing, financial assistance, grief, and emotional support.

Faith and spirituality play a vital role in recovery when individuals and families are faced with mental health challenges, trauma, and life stressors. Support from faith leaders serve as a protective factor and safety net for those in need.  

Lauren and Tierra have developed a framework to merge their clinical and trauma-informed expertise with Christian, biblical perspectives and values. Through this framework, our program instructs leaders to support their work as agents of change in a continually evolving world.

Leveraging a combination of training, retreats, workshops, conferences, and discussion forums, the Sanity in the Sanctuary® initiative:

-Equips faith leaders and designated staff with education about mental health and wellness.

-Guides the development of a bespoke plan of action addressing your church and faith community’s mental health needs.

-Assists with developing a leadership-oriented Sanity in the Sanctuary® Self-Care Plan specifically for faith-based leaders.

Contact us to learn more information about Sanity in the Sanctuary® Faith and Mental Health Initiative and how we can meet your faith community’s needs.

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